Mini Babybel

Babybel® snacks - delicious, nutritious and convenient snacks which are naturally rich in calcium and protein. They're your 'go-to' snacks whenever you're on-the-go, and what's more, they love being in lunchboxes too.

Brand key facts

100% real cheese
Every year, over a billion Mini Babybels are unzipped and enjoyed

Mini Babybel Free Grazing Program

Free Grazing ProgramAs soon as the weather picks up, cows are outside and eat grass, while when too hot or in winter they take shelter in stables and eat mainly hay, corn silage and concentrate. During pasture season, cows are out during the day (for a time that may vary, between the early morning milking and the last milking at the end of the day), and they take shelter for the night in stable.

For us, grazing means that cows have access to French pastures for a minimum of 150 days a year between spring and autumn, on a minimum pasture area of 1.2 ha/100 000 litres of milk produced, of which at least 4 hectares around the farming building.

More than 90 % of our partner-farmers are committed to give access to cows to pasture at least 150 days per year. We are working with farmers to extend this practice as much as possible with the aim to tend towards 100% free-grazing by 5 years.

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